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One common mistake, that most men make at some point in their lives, is to wear a shirt that doesn’t suit them.

Is not hard to find a shirt that suits you, and if you do, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you take a look around, observe others and see what shirts they wear.

By observing other people shirts and how they wear it, you can make a conclusion on what type of shirt suits you.

If you have no clue what shirt suits you, a good way to get a clue is through the internet,

for example if you visit the pinterest website you can do a search with your features, for example tall, male,

brunette, shirts. So you’ll see some styles that suits you and experiment having

a base, rather experiment with random choices that can cost you time and money.

If you are a more practical guy, then you can observe your social environment,

for example in your workplace, what type of shirts your colleagues wear or when you go out, for example in a bar,

observe peoples clothing and then you can have a basic idea what suits you better.

From your surroundings, you can get a general picture of what might fit you.

Do not copy the look of someone else near you because surely the result will not be satisfactory and you will both find yourself in a difficult position and above all you …

Choosing a wrong shirt.

First you spoil and twist your image,

Secondly, it makes you feel uncomfortable,

Third, a wrong choice may indicate that you do not take care of yourself,

These three reasons need attention.

One of the most common mistakes made by men is that they resort to classic shirts,

while they could try something more slim fit.

When the body allows it, the shirt must be narrow, right on the shoulders and no excess fabric around the waist.

Otherwise, the asymmetry prevails, plus you look more fat than you are in reality.

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