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Be it for your business attire or for a casual presentation, your stunning bespoke suit will draw everyone’s attention. Crafted with passion and delicacy, a man’s suit clearly adds to his personality. You can now get your bespoke suit stitched at a great price at Bangkok’s well-known tailoring destination, Ambassador & Smart Fashion (AMBFA). AMBFA offers you the best piece of custom-made suit for you to flaunt your own style.

If you are looking for a tailor-made and hand-made suit at a competitive price, we are the ultimate destination for all types of stitching needs. With advanced manufacturing capabilities, you will be amazed by our speed of execution and great quality. AMBFA is the epi-center of elite tailoring in Bangkok. We have raised our reputation manifold in the recent years, only because of our competitiveness and efficiency.

Why Bangkok for bespoke tailoring?

Due to rising GDPs in Hong Kong and Singapore, the prices of tailoring have gone up there. Bangkok has emerged as the region’s best destination to get quality suits stitched at affordable prices. The Thai capital has varied options for tailoring, with a number of tailoring shops crowing the city streets. However, you should be a little sensible about choosing a tailoring shop that has been dressing men and women with a great deal of passion and sincerity for years. Besides the style, AMBFA also pays a great deal of attention in choosing the best fabric for your bespoke suit that determines the quality and an exotic feel.

Key factors: fabric & fitting

Are you dealing with a good tailor in Bangkok? How will you answer this question? The two important parameters of bespoke tailoring are the fabrics and fitting. We suggest you a handful of fabrics that will help showcase your personal style. Besides a luxurious appeal, the softness and breathability of the fabric are the two important parameters you need to keep in mind while selecting a fabric for your suit. We can offer you woolen, cotton, silk, linen and other types of fabrics for your suit.

Next comes the ability of producing a well fitting suit. Instead of just getting motivated by the sales pitch, you need to rely on the fitting efficiency of the tailoring shop. If you go to any best tailor, they will require multiple fitting, and it may take several weeks. After all, you need a suit that can uniquely present your personality. A genius tailor will always rely on the detailing and will never bother about the time and labor.

At AMBFA, we often require a couple of fitting. First fitting is all about getting your measurements right. The second fitting determines the tweaks that can make the suit an ideal fitting for you.

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