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Buying a gorgeous gift for your one and only is a completely different feeling. You wrap your absolute love with the gift that reflects how much you value her in your life.

Jewelry is very close to women’s hearts and one of the best gifts that will surely please your woman. Gift her something unique that she will cherish forever. The alexandrite jewelry will instantly set your girlfriend apart from others in the crowd.

Here are some amazing alexandrite jewelry gifts you should consider for her.

  1. A Beautiful Ring

Show your undying love and devotion to your girlfriend with a beautiful shining alexandrite ring. Design your one-of-a-kind ring that is a perfect match for her style and personality. Be acquainted with her aesthetics and get her an ideal piece of alexandrite jewelry. If she likes the modern vibe, pave ring or multi-stone ring will do wonders for her. And this gorgeous ring will remind her of your affection for her.

  1. Stunning Pendant

Why don’t you gift her something that stays close to her heart always? Wrap your utmost care and love in the form of an alexandrite pendant that will remain close to her heart.

Alexandrite symbolizes love and good fortune, and gifting a chic pendant will make the roots of your love strong. Make her feel loved with the precious alexandrite pendant. If she is fond of simple things, a solitaire pendant will be a perfect gift for her.

  1. Hoop Earrings

You just can’t avoid the magic of hoop earrings. They have something that makes you have more. Don’t let your craving bound you! Buy a dazzling set of alexandrite hoop earrings for her and show how much she means to you. Hoop earrings with the charm of alexandrite will make her appearance great and ready for any special occasion.

  1. Cocktail Ring

Gift her something from the jazz-age era of the 1920s. Add a piece of jewelry that accentuates her beauty and draws the attention of people to her. Add a cocktail alexandrite ring to her jewel collection. The dramatic large alexandrite stone will set her apart from the crowd.

Make her fall for you again with the beautiful alexandrite cocktail ring.

  1. Gorgeous Stud Earrings

Who says a simple gift can’t be unique? A decent pair of stud earrings is very simple yet unique. Embed the stud earrings with a majestic alexandrite and make the jewel even more special. One of the best features of stud earrings is that it perks up your overall appearance. Get her a stylish pair of alexandrite earrings to show your eternal love for her.

  1. Tennis Bracelets

If your girlfriend likes bracelets that reflect her true fashion statement, then a tennis bracelet is an ideal match for her. Embed magical alexandrite gemstones in your tennis bracelet that will be quite good for any special occasion. Make her feel confident, gift her a beautiful alexandrite tennis bracelet.

  1. Three-stone Ring

Three-stone ring is an unusual choice. You’ve decided to gift something unique and special but don’t know what will work for her. An alexandrite ring with diamond flanked on both sides will magnify her appearance.

The classical presence of a three-stone ring will give her a royal vibe and lift her fashion standard high. She is going to appreciate you for this beautiful gift for sure. GemsNY has a gorgeous collection of designer gemstone jewelry. Check out their exquisite alexandrite rings collection.

  1. A Long Necklace

Necklaces make a woman look stylish and confident. A solitaire pendant hanging on a long thin platinum chain will make her look absolutely stunning. An alexandrite gemstone pendant will enhance the beauty of the pendant as well as the appearance of your girlfriend.

If your girlfriend is a working woman, she is going to love this necklace for sure. Let her raise her fashion standards high with this beautiful alexandrite necklace.

  1. Chandelier Earrings

Ignite the spark of love between you with the lovely chandelier alexandrite earrings. Chandelier earrings are one of the best jewelry accessories to shine on any special occasion. The cascading shape of chandelier earrings brings out your ideal appearance.

Your girlfriend can wear these eye-pleasing earrings on any special occasion. And alexandrite in chandelier earrings will make the earrings even more spectacular.

Buy her a chic wedding outfit and pair it with the chandelier alexandrite earrings to draw the attention of everyone at the party.

  1. Vintage Halo Ring

Vintage vibes are special. If she adores the evergreen jewelry designs of the vintage era, gift her a vintage alexandrite halo ring. This will make her eyes smile and heart shine. The small diamonds around the center stone will brighten up the brilliance of alexandrite. Choose yellow gold metal to give a full vintage touch.

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