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Are you full of doubts when you have to choose clothes to go out? Not sure how to match the pieces in your wardrobe or are you afraid to risk a different combination? Shapewear doesn’t require a lot of rules, but there are 4 tips that help you get on with fashion. Do you want to see it?

Know your body

The first thing is to be aware of your body, clearly know your strengths and what you want to disguise.

Understand the occasion

Each type of event calls for a different type of clothing. Of course, there are pieces that can be used for work and leisure, but there are also pieces that do not fit well in certain environments.

Define your style

No, you don’t have to have just one style for life. But it is worth defining the style you will want to use on that occasion.

And if you only feel comfortable in your shapewear leggings, that’s great. You can find lots of them in the shapewear section, where you will find lots of other items for your workout but also to go out with your friends.

Print your personality

In fashion, personality is everything! There is no point in copying the look of a famous person if it has nothing to do with you. Buying very serious and composed pieces if your style is more stripped-down, for example, is throwing money away. In the end you won’t want to use them.

This does not mean that you cannot have some parts that escape your safe haven. It is worth testing it and if you enjoy it, you can gradually invest in other styles.

Fashion is becoming more and more inclusive and Lover-Beauty has pieces for all body styles and personalities. Just find the one that suits you best.

Forget idealized bodies, magazine covers, and love your body as it is. If you don’t like something, go for it, or use fashion to your advantage to value other strengths.

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