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Oxford has a long history, Oxford shoes were very popular among the students and professors at the University of Oxford in the nineteenth. The classic pattern of the oxford has made it an enduring shoe that’s remained relevant over time, whether dressed up or down. The main difference between a Men’s Oxford shoe and a Derby shoe lies in the lacing system.

The derby has a unique and charming detail to enhance the look of the shoe – a button holding the two sides of the lace together. The uppers are distinguishable from Oxfords or other styles due to having lacing at the top of the shoes in place of below the eyelets. Derby shoes are almost always brown, but can also be in many shades of black, grey, burgundy, tan, blue and white.

Oxford shoes have closed lacing, while derby shoes have open lacing. That’s the most characteristic difference between these two mens shoes. On the oxford shoe, or balmoral, the lacing piece is stitched to the vamp. Derby shoes have lacing that continues to the tongue, and they don’t have a piece stitched forward from the vamp.

Main characteristics of Oxford shoes include:

Oxford shoes are a popular shoe brand that provides a wide range of affordable but high quality men’s shoes. Oxford are comfortable shoes, whether you’re looking for an everyday pair or formal dress shoes.

-Close Lacing System

-Three-part panelled Construction

-Leather shoes

Main characteristics of Derby shoes include:

A Derby shoe is a men’s dress shoe with an open lace that gives the shoe its name. A versatile shoe with a dressy, yet casual look, the Derby is both elegant and comfortable. Perfect for the man who’s always on the go, this shoe features a low heel and durability to hug your feet all day long.

-Open Lacing System

-Stitched leather Sole

-Three-part panelled Construction

What are the other differences between oxfords and derbies?

Oxford shoes are considered more formal than Mens derby shoes. Oxford and derby shoes are formal shoes, they can either be worn with jeans or a suit.

Because of the lacing pieces, derby shoes provide more possibilities to find the proper tightness. That’s why Derby shoes are a more standard and slightly more versatile choice.

How to style your Oxford shoes

-Now that you know what makes a shoe an oxford, it is important to know when you can wear your oxford shoes.

-Black Oxford Shoes are straightforward and traditional. If you have any doubt about whether they’ll match an outfit, a pair of black shoes is the perfect choice with a suit.

-Brown oxford shoes are less formal shoes, but still a good choice for your suit outfits. And one more rule: the darker your suit, the darker your shoes should be.

How to style your Derby shoes

-There are many ways to style your derby shoes. We will just share some examples of derby shoes outfits so you get a better

-Derby shoes are versatile because they’re appropriate for any business casual attire. The color of the belt and the color of the derby shoes should match.

-Your attire is not complete without the right pair of shoes. Derby shoes will be perfect in many jeans and chinos.

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