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Sunglasses have been a huge part of our dress code for over 100 years. They not only protect our eyes from harmful rays but they simply compliment any look that you’re going for. For most, sunglasses became their signature piece to many outfits that they’ve cherished. Read on as we dive into the top trends in men’s sunglasses.

One of the most common is the round frame sunglasses. These were the main craze in the 30s when they were just divulging into the primary protector from the sun. It was around this time that technology changed and eyewear transformed into something that was more appealing than it ever was before.

This lovely round frame provided a vintage look for its wearers and it provided them with a look that was versatile to go with just about every other outfit that they would wear. Since these do not spread across your entire face, they make it easier for your treasured facial features to be highlighted.

In keeping with the trends, Wayfarer became one of the most revolutionary trends in the fashion world. These emerged during the 1950s and were an instant hit since they gave users the option to switch from metal eyewear that was provided. Since its inception, they’ve widely stood on the must have list and just about everyone wore them.

Another timeless classic is the aviators that were developed by well-known Bausch And Lomb. The original design is now being marketed by the ever-famous brand, Ray-Ban. However, this particular style is widely available from just about any eyewear manufacturer. Aviators are usually dark and they’ve also got specially formulated reflective lenses while having an area that’s roughly three times that of the eyeball; so, if you’re looking to spice your style up, aviators just might be the one for you.

In keeping with the retro styles, D-Frame sunglasses, provide users with the perfect contemporary look. These are particularly known for their design, precision, and unique perspective when it comes to eyewear trends. While most syles are usually oval, the D-frame has one a great job at staying unique. They’re known for their sharp slice across the rims and they’re known for radiating a very out of this world feeling.

Last on our list of trendiest men’s sunglasses is the mirrored sunglasses. The difference between these and others, is that they’re very reflective. Some say it’s a moving mirror and what we loved most is how extraordinary they look in pictures. Mirrored sunglasses are known for capturing the attention of anyone around them while leaving a sense of confidence and mystery; so, if you’re planning to show everyone else that you mean business, these are the one for you.

As we conclude, we have just looked at some of the hottest trends in men’s sunglasses. Sunglasses have significantly evolved since their inception and they make an excellent addition to just about any outfit. So, if you’re looking for a pair of new sunglasses, you’re in for a ride because there’s plenty to choose from.

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