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In the following paragraphs, I’ll introduce some suggestions of putting on and take proper care of the wigs. Hope these will help you.

Wig putting on:

In most cases, you have to put on a hair internet before putting on wig, which can make the result far better.

(1) Making the entire hair internet across the neck

(2) Making the advantage of hair internet which having a rubber string to press the bun, result in the real human hair inside hair internet

(3) Carry another edge as much as make all of the real human hair within the hair internet, and employ both hands to knead your hair regularly. While using black clip to repair around the closing position, to prevent your hair internet to fall.

(4) Patting the truly hair lightly while watching mirror to really make it fitting well and the mind shaped and smooth. Because the elastic from the hair internet edge is big, please also employ clips to repair it to prevent your hair internet to fall.

Because the wig packing finished directly after production, your hair is newly made. Please to handle the next operations to help make the hair fluffy before putting on.

Wig Care

  1. Take proper care of the wig

Short hair & Man hair: Contain the position of modifying. Bobbing the wig up and lower, if you wish to result in the top hair more fluffy, please to comb the finish of top hair backwards.

Lengthy hair: When open the packing, please make use of your hands to carry within the wig and shake it lightly.

Straight hair: Please to comb your hair from as much as lower.

Frizzy hair: Please don’t make use of a Comb, just use your finger to set up your hair lightly when trembling it.

Some little hair will fall lower when very first time take proper care of the wig. This can be a normal phenomenon. However this problem will appear reduced after several occasions of the.

  1. After taking proper care of the wig, please adjust the elastic buckle within the hair internet towards the last position, and put on to feel it. Before putting on the wig you are able to adjust the buckle towards the appropriate position. When putting on the wig, please adjust the interlining near the ear from tailgate to cab to make certain the wig to become used properly.
  2. Please make use of your hands to press the leading fringe, and pull your hair internet from the rear of the mind towards the neck where near to the finish from the hair.
  3. Renovating the wig after putting on.
  4. Lengthy hair: Please keep some hair right in front two back and sides to help make the wig looks natural in your mind. Please comb the straight hair although not frizzy hair. For brief hair, please comb your hair at first glance with a professional comb, make your hair freely by hands. That’s ok.

For that front fringe: It’s easily to remain near to the brow when the very first time putting on. Please make use of your finger to poke it in the middle. After a few days, it will likely be ok and appears natural.

Wig cleaning

  1. The wig is difficult to wash. It must be washed 1-2 occasions/month should you put on it regularly, only have to be washed once six months. Please deal with your hair before washing.(use comb for straight hair and fingers for frizzy hair)
  2. Please place the wig within the mild water which with normal shampoo for ten mins, and rub your hair internet softly and lightly, although not hair. Don’t forget to maintain your action lightly, don’t press it. Don’t keep your wig within the water for lengthy time, otherwise your hair will easily fall lower.
  3. Wash the wig, then place it within the mild water which with hair condition for five mins, then wash it again.
  4. Place the clean wig on the professional bracket, make use of a dry towel to suck the moisture, and set it inside a draft, staying away from the sun’s rays.
  5. After 80% dry, please make use of your hands to repair your hair and employ a steel tooth comb to help make the hair smooth.

Spray the cleaning free proper hair care liquid, and it dry completely to create feeling and colour of the wig inside a good.

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